I am just returning from the Labor and Working Class History Association’s Annual Conference in New York City hosted at the CUNY School of Worker Education. It was an amazing opportunity to not only promote the collection, but gain insight on what labor history means today, what are the current academic debates, themes, and interests […]

Today at the archives Chris Marin comes in with Xaviera to collect some controversial labor rights buttons. When i asked her what she would do with them she said she would be wearing them. She said it in a matter of fact and half joking with that sparkle of mischief in her eyes. She is […]

Found this gem in a most unlikely place: the Arizona Carpenters Union series we are currently processing in the Arizona AFL-CIO Collection.

We are half way through our 300 plus boxes. Today i found a memo book about the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. In 1981 the I.L.G.W.U represented more than 400,000 workers, mostly women, and many of them the sole supporters of their families. They engaged in a campaign to pursuade the government to stop importing garments […]

Last Thursday, the CLIR team met with Dr. Laura Munoz, Associate Professor of  History at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, during her visit to the Arizona State University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections. She came to research the Alianza Hispano Americana Records of the Chicano/a Research Collection, now available for the first time fully processed. Dr. […]

We’ve really hit the ground running with the Arizona AFL-CIO Collection. Since the arrival of our last box from off-site storage, we’ve processed about half the collection. That might be a record speed for us, but it’s also thanks to the great organization of the AFL-CIO files. True, like all of our previous collections, there […]

We have started processing the Arizona AFL-CIO collection consisting of 300 boxes. Box 300 arrived on Friday. Some interesting things we have found thus far are a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1960. Politicians were asked to comment on what they thought about Kennedy running for president. In the Washington Daily News on July 7, 1960 Eleanor […]

From the video description: In this episode Project Archivist Xaviera Flores meets with Chicano/a Research Collection Curator Nancy Godoy and introduces us to a very special collection that is available to the public for the first time: the Alianza Hispano Americana Records Collection. Alianza Hispano Americana was established in 1894 and was the first Mexican […]

Today is Human Rights Day. It’s a day to celebrate your voice, your right. Today reminds me that while name of this project is Labor Rights are Civil Rights, let us not forget that civil rights are also human rights. The struggles Chicanos and Latinos fought for in the labor force in Arizona history were […]

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog. I was waiting for something to catch my eye and spoke to my soul. To be less dramatic, something that was of interest to me. We have endlessly worked on the SER Records which are labeled and pretty much finished, so Xaviera gave me a […]