Spanish Resources/ Recursos en Español

I received a response from Kathryn Otto on my LinkedIn SAA (Society of American Archivists) Group discussion question concerning creating DACS in Spanish and if anyone had any experience. Kathryn is the Head of the University Archives and Area Research Center at University of Wisconsin – River Falls. Her response was that she’s working with someone in Central America who is trying to start and archives at her university, and if I came across anything in/translated to Spanish that I knew of that could be of use to her she would greatly appreciate it. So I replied as follows:

Hi Kathryn,
The first place I started was the International Council on Archives (ICA) webpage (here is the Spanish version: It’s a good site to explore.
ICA has a Latin America regional branch called ALA– Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos,

If you click on their professional resources you are led to this page:
where you can download PDFs for how to organize manuscripts and photographs.

ICA decided that international standard to follow was ISAD(G). You can find it here along with a few other useful documents:

And then here are a few more websites she could check out. These are other Spanish institutions manuals. I looked over these just to get an idea of what other repositories decide to do–whether they follow or don’t follow all of ISAD(G)–and what terminology they might use:


Lastly, this website has what looks to be a dictionary of archival terms:

Since she is in Central America, it’s most reasonable to use ISAD(G). But if does come across anything in Spanish, any repository using DACS, you should let me know!

Hope this helps and good luck!
Xaviera Flores
Arizona State University


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