Alianza Hispano Americana Records Source for Genealogical Research

As we are working on the Alianza Hispano Americana Records it is necessary to look through the folder to remove any staples and unfold documents, but as we do this we come across information that I feel is important for individuals who are doing genealogical research.  As one of those researchers, my eyes seem to always fall on those kinds of records.  This collection is important for those researching in the Southwest, especially Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.  Individuals who are from or have ancestors who lived in these states can find some interesting information about their family.  This collection can help genealogists add more to their family story besides names and dates.If your ancestor was part of the Alianza, some of the documents found here can help to understand the activities they were involved with and can add more to their life story. Besides adding more details to your ancestors’ life, in some of the membership files, not all, you can find copies of birth, baptismal, and death certificates, immigration and naturalization records, obituaries, original documents such as the application for membership with names of dependents and family history, as well as signatures of the person, and much more.  If your ancestor moved from place to place, this collection can also tell you where they lived at a certain time, which may lead you to other records.  While I was organizing the membership files for Colorado, I came across a distant cousin, who I had in my database, but didn’t have much information, with his file, I now know where he died along with other family members.  With his file, I also learned of the Logia (lodge) of the Alianza that was located in Redwing, Colorado, a small town outside of Walsenburg, in Huerfano County.  After this find, I have been on the lookout for other relatives that may have been involved with this group.

This collection is a treasure trove of information and has the potential for many research projects for those who are interested in Mutualista groups in the Southwest.  As mentioned above, not all of the membership files are complete which means they don’t have all of the documents listed above, some may only have three sheets of paper with their name and the amount of insurance they paid for and received.  This should not deter you from using this collection, it is the luck of the draw and you might find something that can help give your ancestors’ story more life.


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