Society of American Archivists Conference, San Diego, CA

This past week we (Nancy and I) traveled to San Diego for the Society of American Archivists Annual Conference which this year was hosted in San Diego, CA at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel. The week of research forums, round table meetings, networking, professional development, new education and collaboration ended for us with me presenting at the last session of the conference on this CLIR grant project at the 707 session “Crossing Borders: Barriers to Documenting the Underdocumented.”

For the last session of the whole entire conference, it was actually well attended and very productive. The four panel speakers (some people had to drop out) we’re all from the Southwest so it was educational hearing about the challenges our closer colleagues face. It became apparent fast that we had to stop thinking about borders as restrictions; that beyond borders is not to have borders, we have to think sin fronteras.

The speakers included:

Burton Altman, MA , MLS , CA (Chair)
University Librarian
Florida State University

Salvador Guerena
Director, California Ethnic and Multicultural Archive
University of California, Santa Barbara
Sin Fronteras: Archivists Without Borders

Chrystal Carpenter, MA , CA
Manuscript and Congressional Archivist
University of Arizona
Giving Voice to Missing Persons: The John and Jane Does of the Borderlands

Valerie J. Enriquez
Assistant Librarian
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Giving Voice to Missing Persons: The John and Jane Does of the Borderlands

Xaviera Flores, MS 
Project Archivist
Arizona State University
Labor Rights are Civil Rights – Los Derechos de Trabajo son Derechos Civiles

And unfortunately Dr. Cecilia L. Salvatore, CA , MLS , PhD, Associate Professor at Dominican University, could not make it, but her presentation was on The Challenges of Aligning the Immigrant Voice with the Indigenous Voice in the Archives of a Marginalized Community.

This week became a great space for planning future projects: digital chicana history project, putting a task force together concerning Spanish DACS, collaborating more with other Arizona institutions, etc. It was a great beginning to a new year with the grant and a new school year with ASU.


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