Box 300 has arrived!!

We have started processing the Arizona AFL-CIO collection consisting of 300 boxes. Box 300 arrived on Friday. Some interesting things we have found thus far are a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1960. Politicians were asked to comment on what they thought about Kennedy running for president. In the Washington Daily News on July 7, 1960 Eleanor Roosevelt stated, ” In a number of ways Senator Kennedy has antagonized the mass of Negroes, and they will not vote for him at the head of the ticket.” Harry S. Truman  went on to state, “Senator, are you certain that you are quite ready for the country or that the country is ready for you in the role of President in January 1961? Another interesting article covered Wesley House on Buckeye Road and 10th street. Presently Wesley house is an action community organization that works in collaboration with Chicanos Por La Causa. The article states Wesley house was started for non English speaking youngsters starting school. This article was written in the summer of 1963. As a young pre teen girl i volunteered for Wesley house assisting teachers with thier students.  This is where the grassroots of my activism started. We also found a book of air mail stamps. Stamps in 1961 were 7 cents! Stay tuned for more fascinating artifacts from our 300 box collection!


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