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2002 Calendar highlights Southwest Labor History

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog. I was waiting for something to catch my eye and spoke to my soul. To be less dramatic, something that was of interest to me. We have endlessly worked on the SER Records which are labeled and pretty much finished, so Xaviera gave me a […]

SER Records

Since completing the USWA Records a few weeks ago, we have started on SER Jobs for Progress. We are sorting through the folders and finding a place for each of them. As of today, we are working on the Administration files of the organization and have found some interesting documents. Many of which are still […]

The progress of the USWA collection

It has been a couple of weeks since I have contributed to the blog, so I decided that today was a great time to give you an update about the progress of the new collection we are working on, which is the United Steel Workers of America (USWA). We have been going through this collection for about […]

Alianza Hispano Americana Records

Alianza boxes labeled and refoldered!

We are getting closer to finishing the Alianza Records! The boxes are labeled and refoldered. At this point, José and I are adding accents to the names in the container list and once that is done, then it’s on to the next collection. Here is a look at the labeled boxes.

The Juvenile Department in AHA

While going through the membership files I came across some documents for children. The Departamento Juvenil (Juvenile Department) directed the insurance for children. The mother or father requested the policy and signed for it. As the child grew into adulthood, they took over their insurance policy and were transferred to the Adult Department. It was interesting […]

Alianza Hispano Americana Records Source for Genealogical Research

As we are working on the Alianza Hispano Americana Records it is necessary to look through the folder to remove any staples and unfold documents, but as we do this we come across information that I feel is important for individuals who are doing genealogical research.  As one of those researchers, my eyes seem to […]