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I come from a long line of Chingonas!!

Today at the archives Chris Marin comes in with Xaviera to collect some controversial labor rights buttons. When i asked her what she would do with them she said she would be wearing them. She said it in a matter of fact and half joking with that sparkle of mischief in her eyes. She is […]

International Ladies Garment Workers Union AFL-CIO

We are half way through our 300 plus boxes. Today i found a memo book about the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. In 1981 the I.L.G.W.U represented more than 400,000 workers, mostly women, and many of them the sole supporters of their families. They engaged in a campaign to pursuade the government to stop importing garments […]

Box 300 has arrived!!

We have started processing the Arizona AFL-CIO collection consisting of 300 boxes. Box 300 arrived on Friday. Some interesting things we have found thus far are a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1960. Politicians were asked to comment on what they thought about Kennedy running for president. In the Washington Daily News on July 7, 1960 Eleanor […]

Why Chicano/a studies matters

This week at the archive we have photos of the students in Tucson Arizona fighting to keep Chicano/a studies programs. Presently the program and the books used in the programs are banned. This ban includes Shakespeares the Tempest. Since this ban, earlier this year, the teachers have entered into a lawsuit to fight for the […]

AFL-CIO Photos are International

This month i have been sorting and filing the AFL-CIO photographs. I have found some very interesting photos along the lines of human rights and social justice. There are photos of several rallies, vigils and protests. I even found a very old photo of a group protesting for better working conditions in front of a grocery store in Ireland. For […]